Greenstone Public Library - Nakina

Hellen Mackie Memorial Branch


Printing fees:

Black & White..........$0.20/copy



Faxing.....................$1.50 first page then $0.50 for each page after that.

 The Nakina Public Library offers many of its services for free, such as public computer usage, scanning personal documents, and computer training courses.


Training / Cypercamps

The Nakina CAP SIte offers various Cybercamps, or training classes. Here are some examples; Computer basics, Photoshop, Scanning photos, Internet basics, Creating a new email,  etc. The availability of certain classes varies from time to time. If you are interested in any skills not listed, contact the library by phone or by email and we will create an appointment for you. 

Use of Internet

The Greenstone Public Library system requires each user to read and sign an Internet Usage Policy before being allowed to use the internet. Children 13 and under are not permitted to use the internet with adult supervision.

 Here are some fun links for kids to play games:

Good links for researching:

When using the Internet at this CAP site please do not abuse the rules of the computers. If you are found violating the Terms of Use, internet privileges may be revoked for an indefinite period of time.

For more library services offered by the Greenstone Public Library, go to the Greenstone Public Library main page and click the online Resources (left hand side) to view what is available. For more information on these resources contact the library.