Greenstone Public Library - Nakina

Hellen Mackie Memorial Branch

Nakina C.A.P. History

   In 1995 Nakina Public Library Board applied to Industry Canada for a grant to get our community connected to the Internet. On December 19, 1996 we received the official letter from Industry Canada letting us know that our application was approved. After a rigorous evaluation of over 750 applications to the Community Access Program, our library was one of the 271 chosen. Many thanks goes to the librarian at that time, Mario Ferraro, and the library board.

   Through the awarding of this grant, we were able to purchase four computers, which would have on-line access through dedicated dial-up. On June 7, 1996, after six long months of paperwork, Nakina Public Library announced that the internet was up and running. The Nakina Public Library is situated in the same building as the two elementary schools in Nakina. To help with the internet costs, we were able to offer our internet services to them for a small fee.

   During the summer of 1996, Industry Canada also came out with Community Access Person-Youth Initative (CAP-YI) grants, which we applied for. We were able to hire three youths that summer. Since 1996, Industry Canada continues to provide these youth grants and Nakina Library has been very lucky to continue to be a part of them. Through the years we have hired many students to oversee the CAP site and have given them the opportunity to gain employment and work experience.

   As Nakina is a small isolated northern community who is constantly struggling to meet the needs of the people, we have many low income families who do not have the opportunity to have their own computer or access to the internet. We have computers available for word processing or computer training, internet surfing for job hunting or other information, searching for Government services such as Service Ontario, student projects and information, e-mailing and most important of all a means of connecting us to the world around us.

   What a accomplishment this has been for Nakina Public Library to be the first CAP site in Northern Ontario. It all started with the grant from Industry Canada. Thanks to the continuing grants from Industry Canada, we are able to keep our CAP site up to date with the latest technology. They continue to give us grants to help us with the latest hardware and software.

Thank you Industry Canada and the Government of Canada.