Greenstone Public Library - Nakina

Hellen Mackie Memorial Branch

History of the Greenstone Public Library

In 2001 the communities of Beardmore, Caramat, Geraldton, Jellicoe, Longlac, Nakina and the surrounding area amalgamated to form the Municipality of Greenstone. The communities of Beardmore, Geraldton, Longlac, and Nakina had public libraries which were run by their own municipality, with their own library board. By combining all 6 cities under the "Greenstone" moniker, all libraries within the Greenstone area were to be run from one board. Thus the Greenstone Public Library Board was born. This board is made up of volunteer individuals appointed by council from the different communities. Nakina Public Library still operates but is now called Greenstone Public Library- Nakina Branch.