Greenstone Public Library - Nakina

Hellen Mackie Memorial Branch

About the C.A.P. Site

 This website is designed for the Nakina Public Library's C.A.P. Site. The Nakina Library is located at 216 North Ave., Nakina, Ontario. The Community Access Program (CAP) helps Canadians in smaller communities to take advantage of emerging opportunities in our current technology-based ecomomy.

There are two different types of the CAP programs. CAP provides funds and resources to public locations to purchase computers as well as other electronic equipment and services, such as internet access so that the public has affordable access to technology. As part of a CAP, Industry Canada also funds the Community Access Program- Youth Initative (CAP-YI), commonly referred to as the Youth Intiative. Participants (youth aged 15-30) work as interns at CAP Centres throughout Canada, helping individuals, community organizations and small businesses improve their knowledge and effective use of the internet and related information technologies.  The main objectives of the CAP site are the following;

  • Delivering Internet training sessions
  • Researching and developing websites
  • Drafting publicity materials
  • Organizing information fairs and special events
  • Providing technical support to the CAP site

Nakina makes the front page of the Capstats website

The Ontario Youth Internships website regularly features success stories from their youth workers on the website's main page. This month, we are proud to have made the front page with a story submitted by our previous youth intern, Samantha Green. This is a first for Nakina's CAP site, and we hope to have continued success in the future.

The Federal Goverment of Canada provides funding for this initiative