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About Me

Hello and welcome to my page!

My name's Arleen and I'm interested in all types of jewelry - from antique jewelry to modern diamond jewelry.

In fact, I have a blog where I write about jewelry. If you have time please have a look at my latest post: choker necklaces for women.

30 years old
About Me

love life, live life :) I love all things webby and my  main passion if football or soccer for our US friends. I follow Liverpool FC and even have a website for them. Its called Watch Liverpool Online and it lets you watch us online and keep up to date with Liverpool News

brent hoopes
39 years old
About Me

I'm really interested in this stuff! Other hobbies I have include building things, such as boats made from quality wooden boat plans or stitch and glue boat plans. I'm also expecting a baby soon, and love my new prenatal heart monitor!

27 years old
About Me

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About Me

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42 years old

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About Me

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Site Owner

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rob roberts
57 years old
About Me

yo my names rob i am a just crazy about collecting all things millitary my main interest though is a love for die cast soldiers.

 i now live in hull with my ganny it is a lot different to london sort of back in time but.funny with it .carnt wait till gran dies and i sell this place .

and back to the smoke for me were folks have five fingers and eles are plenty guess you could say im riddled with cockney

and proud of it . I am one of four brothers and iv got jet black hiar and green eyes and i am six feet ten inches tall  and take a size fifteen shoe in winter i move to grans in spain  shes never there shes a old racist and hates all the neighbours just for being spanish .

shes a sad old mong my gran.

my gilfreinds name is skank she recons i need a bigger penis. but im not getting a longer penis for her i would sooner soak it in cold warter and tear up my bulbs by the roots

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gizzy tissue .no one wants it.

 i put me number in so ring me on me new android phone my gran got for my bithday nine weeks late .if you need to speak to me  cool dudes i will be back for more

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